Food explorers @almahaaaaa and @healthway_22 embarked on the ‘More than a Trip’ journey to Austria and Germany to taste authentic EU meat and dairy products.

@healthway_22 is a Saudi chef and TV presenter who is passionate about food and fitness. He wants to discover how to integrate EU meat and dairy in a healthy and sporty lifestyle and wants to make sure that the EU products he eats are produced and processed using safe methods. He loves food traditions and uses his platform to explore his passion.

@almahaaaaa, Emirati, nominated best blogger in Dubai by DIAFA 2018, is keen on expanding her knowledge about EU dairy and seeing firsthand how dairy is produced in the EU, and discovering how it tastes. She is thrilled about the trip and cannot wait to share everything on her Instagram.

Beginning in Austria, our food explorers learnt first-hand how authentic EU cheese is manufactured from locally produced milk. They learnt about the strict quality processes from start to finish that go into making quality dairy products from Austria. After this exciting discovery of EU dairy, our food explorers traveled to Germany across the mountains and plains where healthy European cattle graze. In Germany both explorers learnt everything that goes into raising cattle, and producing and processing the quality EU meat that is globally recognised.

This trip was both educational and allowed our explorers to taste traditional dishes from Tyrol (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany), both of which are typical of the healthy environments in which the food and drinks of the EU are produced. Don’t forget to follow our food explorers and their trip on Instagram.

Check out the video from the trip on YouTube!